Canceling Your Membership

This page is for Canceling your Mindset Mastery Program recurring monthly membership.

NOTE: If you cancel, you will lose your work and your current monthly subscription rate will expire.

If you are not yet a graduate, and if you planned to qualify for upper level training, cancelling now means you will need to start over to begin the qualification process again. If you do return at a later date, you will also be required to enroll at the rate available at that time, which is subject to increase.

Here’s another option:

You may suspend your account for up to 3 months without losing your work, and we’ll preserve your current monthly rate upon your return. In other words, if our rates go up, yours will stay the same.

Often, the challenges students face are addressed with surprising solutions in the very next lesson. We strongly recommend you go through just one more lesson before canceling or suspending your account. If you still feel the need to cancel or suspend, we wish you the best in your endeavors and hope you’ll return again soon. Simply complete the form below.

After you understand your options, complete this form to automatically cancel or suspend your account:

If you purchased the 6-month access, you do NOT need to complete this form. Completing this form will just confuse our system. Your membership will automatically expire after 6 months and you will not be charged again. This form is ONLY for members who are on the RECURRING monthly payment plan.