Part III – Behind the Scenes in Washington DC

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Are today’s elections and current events
a result of chance or design? (Part 3)

Watching Current Events Become the History of the Nation

As mentioned in Part 1 of this report, I first started studying this material in depth better than 45 years ago, when I had just come back from Vietnam and was many years younger. I remember to this day the feeling I had when I would ask my mentor and father-in-law, Dr. Cleon Skousen, “What is happening to America?”

He said, among other things, “You had enough experience in Vietnam to know that all these current events you are watching today are not just happening by chance, but are being directed and encouraged by individuals and groups who believe they have a better plan for modern times, than the Founding Fathers did.” In those early 1970s, we all heard individuals say that the Founders were great for the 1700s, but what they recommended would not work today, and hence we needed “change.”

When I started to study the current personalities and organizations who were masterminding this “change,” I had a feeling that this just couldn’t be real. People like me who were studying and believing these things were called “right wing radicals,” “conspiracy theorists,” part of the “new right,” and a number of other strange titles that I just did not understand.

It took me almost 17 years of study and training before I started to really understand that what was happening was not just a “right wing conspiracy,” but the actual results of individuals – some of them good people – who just felt they were wiser than the American Founding Fathers.

In the 1970s, I watched the political scene, trying to understand what was happening with the then president Richard Nixon. I asked Dr. Skousen, “Is what is happening to him a product of this so-called ‘change’ and control of the political scene?” He said, “Let’s go back a few years to the time when your father was only 14 years of age – the year was 1913.”

As a result of that careful guidance through history, I can now see that what we have today is very similar to what the Founding Fathers had in their day. In their time, they had two groups – one group was called the “Tories,” or those who felt that having someone as powerful as a king would be the best form of government to live under. The Tories believed in what was called the “divine right of kings” – or the belief that God selected the rulers and others like them to be in charge of all the unalienable rights of the people and be managers of them, on their behalf.

This was astounding to me. This belief divided families like a mental civil war, for the other group believed in the philosophy of what the Founders called “Freemen,” where they believed in the opposite of the Divine Right of Kings. They believed that inalienable rights were given directly to the people by God, and they could loan these rights to the government through representation, if they chose. Hence, the government had no rights except those rights loaned to the government – a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

This was an eye-opener to see how real these two positions were. I read correspondence between the great patriot Benjamin Franklin, who was a great Freeman, and his son William, a prominent governor, who was a staunch Tory. It was a pull between two forces. Then as I reviewed these things, my mind raced back to my own military service when we often sang all the verses of the Star-Spangled Banner, including the verse “when Freemen shall stand.” I was a freeman!

But why did Dr. Skousen feel that I would understand more by studying 1913? As I mentioned, this is when my own father was 14. It was also the year that Dr. Skousen was born.

1913 was the year when the Founding Fathers of Change accelerated their political take-over of America — “Land of the Free” – to be replaced by America “Land of the Controlled.”

Results of the Fateful Year

It is not my intention, as I document this story, to discuss a “mythical conspiracy,” a depressing expression, or a “right wing tactic.” This is more of an explanation as to where we are and how we got here.

In Part 2 of this report, we listed the four main personalities and families who became the leadership of the “founding fathers of change.” I was amazed to learn how close their concepts and goals were to our original founders – Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, Washington. They all talked about the fact that what they were doing would become the “hope of the world,” and America would become the “shining light on a hill.” These new founders of change talked about the necessity of being organized all over the world to achieve their purposes of governmental control of people worldwide—what they called “hope of the world.”

The founders of change therefore reached out to other prominent families and groups throughout the world who thought their way. They began to organize into various outreaches into every aspect of society and culture. Again I was surprised when I learned that they eventually organized and teamed up with 32 world-wide organizations that would be not only govern the people in the various countries of the world, but would also begin to control and direct the relationships between countries.

They expressed over and over again that the number one tool for power would be to control the finances and economies of every nation, thus becoming powerful enough to be able to use their monies and banking interests to even control every aspect of the political scenes.

Here is how the famous historian, insider and believer of the necessity of total control, Carroll Quigley, described it in his world-renowned book Tragedy and Hope. The goal was:

“…to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole…to be controlled in a feudalistic fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert by secret agreements.”

This would then give them the governmental power to control all the means of production and distribution.

Who would have ever guessed that by now just one of their banks, J.P. Morgan’s Chase Bank, would be so large that it would have “265,359 employees in over 100 countries, with $2.6 trillion in assets!”

What does this have to do with 1913? It was in that year that these powerful groups entered the political scene in a very profound way. First, they were able to influence “the election of a president of the United States who believed in their philosophy.” His name was Woodrow Wilson. Under his influence they would accomplish the 4 main goals that we mentioned in Part 2 of this report.

First, they established the Federal Reserve System, that was neither Federal nor a reserve, but instead its establishment gave to a small number of private banks constitutional control of the whole economy of the United States.

Second, they would push through the 16th amendment that would bypass the protective control of the states and allow the federal government to tax the citizens of the United States directly. This taxing power gave them the Constitutional authority to do anything that these Founders of Change felt would be “good” for the nation as a whole, and force the people to pay for it. Sometimes they would even use this power to obtain finances from America to control other nations.

Third, to prevent those who still believed in the Founding Fathers and the original Constitution from stepping in to prevent all of this from happening, these “change artists” pushed through the 17th amendment and totally destroyed checks and balances and the states’ power to protect the people.

Looking through the windows of history over the past 100 years since 1913, it is not difficult to see that what they launched and what they now control is not working!

From the time of my father’s time to my time, I have watched these master planners influence and manipulate the passage of additional amendments to the Constitution. I am especially concerned about amendment #25, passed in 1967, while I was serving in the military. This amendment, pushed by the Establishment, gave the controlling organizations the tool to influence a political coup-de-tat, which would allow the selection of a president and vice president of the United States who had not been elected by the people to serve in those capacities.

A Strange Event in Modern History

It was 1974. The president of the United States was Richard Nixon (born in 1913, incidentally). His vice president declared that he was going to resign because of tax problems, which he did. Because of the 25th Amendment, President Nixon could now select who he wanted as vice president. He selected Gerald Ford. Not many months later, President Nixon was accused of impeachable acts by individuals (outside of government??) who released tapes with proof of inappropriate behavior of the president.

President Nixon resigned, and Gerald Ford became president, though he had never been elected by the people. He began his presidency with two interesting actions:

1. He pardoned former President Richard Nixon “of all crimes known and unknown.”

2. He selected Nelson Rockefeller, from one of the prominent families of the “fathers of change” as vice president.

We now had a president and vice president who had never been elected by the people. What happened next created a “wow” in my studies.

President Ford’s wife developed personal health problems, possibly causing the President to resign. If President Ford resigned, Nelson Rockefeller would be our president! But Betty Ford got better and President Ford remained. However, the next election was very interesting.

David Rockefeller encouraged one of those close to his family to run against Gerald Ford, and David’s brother, Nelson Rockefeller. The candidate’s name was Jimmy Carter. His vice presidential selection was Walter Mondale – a very prominent political leader. The 1976 bicentennial election, 200 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed by our original Founders, would put two (apparent opponents ??) running against each other. But they were both supported by the same power group! President Carter was elected and was president until 1981. A review of his presidency with the goals of the “powers that be” will show interesting parallels – especially if we remember the earlier quote from Carroll Quigley.

Over the Years, Again and Again

For the last 45+ years, contrived, controlled history has repeated itself over and over again – even under the leadership of the great Ronald Reagan. He would declare to the press his heartache that numerous times he was restricted and repeatedly directed.

Is it possible that our current election is being significantly influenced today? In our April report, we will give a more detailed analysis of this possibility, along with an identification of the names of other organizations that have been set up by the “founding fathers of change.”