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To help you turn lack into abundance, pain into relief, and weakness into strength. Where do you see yourself in ten years? Perfect. Let’s get started. – Trevan and Leslie Householder, co-founders, School of Life Mastery

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Eva Doherty Gremmert
Eva Doherty Gremmert
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“This program was incredible. … It was exactly what I needed. … I am looking forward to recommending it to my friends.”
Tyler Watson
Tyler WatsonCEO, Freedom Catalyst
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"I have been in personal development for over 4 years and I run a successful multiple six figure training company. However, I was feeling overwhelmed with life and felt like something was off. ... I felt like I wasn’t connecting to God or my bigger purpose. … [Now] I feel more directed, more connected, and more sure. That, to me, is worth thousands of dollars, as it is the core of true success. My relationship with my wife has gotten even sweeter, and I feel like I am back on track. … I will go through your course again and again as I know there are deeper levels for me to apply.
Miki Brewster
Miki Brewster
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“… life-changing. It was so wonderful to be able to put into practice the principles of prosperity, and to have a basis to start from that was simple and yet so effective. It works!”
Adele Marcum
Adele MarcumQWholistic
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“Have you ever felt called to do something … something that is so outside of your comfort zone that it scares you? And you hesitate, because you’re not certain what step to take first? I was in that place before I registered ... As I ... began applying these principles to my thoughts, I noticed significant changes in how I was able to handle the challenges of life, and in the results that started to show up. ... I feel more confident now in the future because I know what to expect from the laws! ... It all starts with setting a sturdy foundation ...”​
Phil Small
Phil Small
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“[It] helped me with a difficult time … The national retail company that I’ve been employed with for 20 years filed for bankruptcy protection … leaving 17,000 employees without a job, no severance pay and reduced retirement benefits… So the course was timely … it has helped me keep my attitude right and my focus on the fact that MY Source is not any company.”​

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